Tandem Skydiving serving Maryland and Washington, DC


Tandem freefall jumping has made skydiving available to more people than ever before. Now, instead of an all-day training course, you can be ready to skydive in as little as an hour! This is now the #1 choice of first-time jumpers around the world. Tandem freefall lets you experience the thrill and beauty of skydiving with the security of an instructor right there with you to operate the parachute equipment.

After your brief ground training, you'll suit up and board the aircraft. Your aircraft will climb to your chosen jump altitude while you take in an incredible aerial tour of Ocean City and Assateague Island.The adrenaline starts pumping as you reach jump altitude and your instructor begins to fasten your harness to the parachute system built for two. The door opens and "OMG!"...you're two and a half miles above the ground and the wind is rushing by. You and your instructor leap out into 120 mph of freefall. The next 40-90 seconds will feel like an eternity to some and too quick for others. Your parachute opens and the silence compared to the noise of freefall leaves you with a feeling of serenity like no other. Your instructor may let you fly this high performance parachute if you choose. You're almost back on earth and it's time to let your instructor land the parachute. Congratulations! You've just jumped out of an airplane.

Students must:

  • Generally be in good health.
  • Weigh less than 250 pounds. (Click here for individuals over 200 lbs.)
  • Be at least 18 years of age, NO EXCEPTIONS including parental consent.
  • Present legal photo identification REGARDLESS OF AGE