About Skydive OC - in Ocean City, MD

About Skydive OC - in Ocean City, MD

World-Class Service with an Ocean View

With our incredible views and 5-star reviews, we welcome thousands of first-time skydivers to our drop zone every year.

We love what we do and we're here to share that experience with you. Your skydive will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. With our team of experienced tandem skydiving instructors, all with thousands of skydives under their belt, you'll love every minute!

We're very proud of our reputation for excellent customer service. As a USPA (United States Parachute Association) member drop zone, we follow strict safety guidelines and our instructors have all passed thorough examinations to earn their instructor qualifications.

Why Choose Us for Ocean City Skydiving?

Ten reasons to jump at our drop zone:

  1. The only beachfront skydiving center serving Baltimore, Maryland, Washington D.C., and surrounding areas.
  2. Tandem skydiving specialists! When you specialize in one thing, you tend to get good at it!
  3. The incredible view! We skydive over Assawoman Bay and enjoy views of Assateague Island, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Ocean City coastline. No other center can compete with this scenery!
  4. We are the longest standing USPA group member in the state of Maryland who has consistently maintained group member status. Our facility is not operated out of a trailer that can be easily rolled in and out from airport to airport. We are based in an office building with real bathrooms. Beware of "here today...gone tomorrow" skydiving services, or those centers that won't tell you where they are located exactly. Always ask any center you are considering how long they have been at this location and where else have they operated.
  5. Have we mentioned our view yet?!!
  6. Don't settle for anything less when jumping out of an airplane. You will not find another skydiving center in the area with instructors more experienced than ours. Your safety is our number one priority: We jump the most modern tandem parachute systems available with instructors of the highest caliber, and our perfect safety record is the proof in the pudding!
  7. Organized schedules. No all-day waits. You can complete your skydive in as little as one hour.
  8. Awesome photo and video packages. The instructor's angle allows for unique footage of YOU flying the parachute. We'll even remind you to smile! Take your videos and photos home the same day.
  9. We aim to separate ourselves from our competition by offering the highest level of professionalism. We know our customers would rather choose the equivalent of a 5-star dining experience versus fast food service when jumping out of an airplane. Read our testimonials and reviews online. You'll find past Skydive OC jumpers agree!
  10. Great restaurants, nightlife, and beaches just steps away!

I'm definitely doing this again.

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