Skydive OC Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary

Skydive OC Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary

Published: May 4, 2017

It's our birthday month and we are celebrating with an anniversary special. Jump in May for a promotional rate of $174 plus a $30 Photo Credit! [$194 on Saturdays. See Terms and Conditions below] Click Here to Book Now!


A few words from our owner....

One Saturday 15 years ago, May 4th to be exact, Skydive OC opened its doors for the first time. I was living in Florida just 3 weeks before finding out that the existing business was for sale due to health issues from its current owners. I was a new-ish mom with a baby girl less than a year old. Truth be told I had given up my career in skydiving when I became pregnant with her. But news of a drop zone for sale near where I grew up (B-more) certainly perked my interest. So, I bought the business sight unseen. Sight unseen? Really? The girl who plans every little detail in her life planner just randomly decided to pack up her life, her family and move 900 miles away? Heck yeah!

Everything about Skydive OC felt so right from the very beginning. From the moment I first drove down Airport Road leading to the airport and finding an absolutely beautiful property. I have travelled to a lot of drop zones in the past. Many of them located at the end of dirt roads and some even with just grass strips. But OXB (Ocean City Municipal Airport) was the cream of the crop. And then of course the first time I saw Ocean City from up above was heaven sent. HELLO PRETTIEST DROP ZONE I HAVE EVER JUMPED AT! Well, maybe, the jump in the French Riviera landing on a small island might have had a slight edge. ;)

But, really, the people who have worked for me over the years are who I hold most accountable for our success as I share this trip down memory lane with you. Without them, Skydive OC wouldn't have our perfect safety record since opening our doors in 2002. And they are the ones truly responsible for giving thousands and thousands of people an experience they will never forget for the rest of their lives. That is an amazing thing to wear on your sleeve. Undoubtedly, they have unknowingly altered the path of many people's lives. Yes, skydiving is a bucket list item for some and that's that. But for others we get to give an experience that maybe makes you look at life and your relationships with people just a little bit different; or maybe teach you to appreciate the little things in life; or maybe just inspire you to take a course of action in your life that had only been just a thought previously. Sometimes we see it in people's eyes when they land.... that their skydive was truly a life altering experience. Wow. Just wow!

15 years later that baby girl works in the front office at Skydive OC and my 12 year old boy... well he is beyond ready to become a Skydiving Instructor and run the business (sorry dude you have to wait 6 more years before you're old enough to jump!). A couple of thank you's in closing to highlight this emotional milestone for me. A huge thank you to my staff who have been the heart of this drop zone from day one. Your dedication to me personally and Skydive OC is unreal and I couldn't be prouder of our team. Thank you to the crew at the Ocean City Municipal Airport for your efforts in keeping our airplanes fueled. We know we can be demanding and we are sincerely grateful for your support. And, lastly and most importantly, thank you to all of our customers who have made this an incredible journey over the last 15 years. Like seriously incredible! We would like to give back with an anniversary special for the month of May. Hope we get to share a piece of the sky with you sometime soon!

Jeanice Dolan, Owner

$174 Anniversary Special Plus $30 Photo Credit ($194 on Saturdays)

Click Here to Book Now!


  • Valid for jumps made during the month of May.
  • Valid for up to 10K ft. jump but can upgrade to 15K or 18K jump.
  • Extra $20 for appointments after 12 noon.
  • Online reservation required 48 hours in advance.
  • Must be 18 or older. 250 lb weight max; $2 per pound extra fee applies for students 200 lbs and over. Over 225 lbs needs pre-approval.
  • This is a prepay discount and is NON-REFUNDABLE after purchase.
  • Subject to availability and flight minimums.
  • Not valid in combination with promo codes or any other discounts.

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