Should I go Skydiving? 5 Tips to Conquer Your Fear

Should I go Skydiving? 5 Tips to Conquer Your Fear

Published: June 15, 2017

Should I go Skydiving? 5 Tips To Muster The Courage To Go Skydiving

It's easy to SAY you're going skydiving--but do you have what it takes to actually go? If you're worried that you won't ever conquer your fear of skydiving, we have news for you: If you set your mind to it and you set a date, you will! Here are some tips that will help you grow those wings:

1. Know the stats.

Skydiving is safer than commuting. It's safer than bees. It's safer than lightning. It's certainly safer than putting your mother-in-law's underwire bras in the dryer. Read up on the statistics of skydiving safety if you need the encouragement of cold, hard facts--they're surprising!

2. Don't let your fear be a pufferfish.

Have you ever seen an unpuffed pufferfish? Man, they're cute. They're all chubby and square, and they have these dorky little smiles on their faces and these bulgy little eyes, so they constantly look like they're surprised and delighted that you showed up. Cutest little fishies ever. If you approach them in the wrong way, though, you know what happens--they puff up to be a spiky ball of ouch that's, like, way bigger than the original fish. The pufferfish is unrecognizably changed.

If you were to come crashing into the aquarium, freaking out, there's a good chance that the puffy puffer would be the only fish you saw. Understandably, you'd be, like, HECK NO WE ARE NOT GONNA BE FRIENDS. But if you were to see the pufferfish change before your eyes, you know what the pufferfish really is--a super-cute little dude that just needs to be respected.

The moral of the story is this: Your fear is a pufferfish. If you're freaking out from the outset of your approach, you're only going to see the spikes. If you approach your fear calmly and with an open mind, you'll be in a good position to receive the full, awesome truth of the situation.

3. Treat it like medicine.

Have you ever seen someone board a commercial flight who's never been on a plane before? If you haven't, here's a spoiler: They're a little green around the gills when they do. Country folks tend to get knock-kneed in elevators (glass ones, extra-specially). Kids who hide at the back of the class blanch when they have to step up in front of the blackboard to give a presentation; people who've been sitting at the same desk since they graduated get clammy palms during a job interview; new motorcyclists get bubbly tummies doing slow circles around an enormous empty parking lot. What gives? Novelty. What's the cure? Familiarity. Take in your first experience as the vaccination it is--a vaccination that will protect you against your own closed mind. (Bonus: This is the most fun vaccination you're ever going to get.)

4. Just do it.

Nike may have said it first, but it's gosh-darned good advice! Set the date to make the call to book (or book online, to make it super-duper easy.) Trust the process, and you'll find your courage on the way.

5. Be Willing to Skydive Solo

Our final advice: If you really want to go, be willing to go solo! It's hard to find others who are really, truly willing to make the commitment, and if you wait on others to be mentally or financially ready, you may wait too long. Jump today at Skydive OC and take them with you on the next one (when you'll look like a seasoned rock star)!

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