How to Guarantee the Best Skydiving Experience

How to Guarantee the Best Skydiving Experience

Published: March 15, 2017

How To Guarantee The Best Skydiving Experience

Think about it this way: Skydiving is an investment.

That might be an odd framing, but hear us out: You're investing your time, your money and your trust, in the hopes that your investment will pay off in memories that will make you smile from here to eternity. Making a skydive will be one of the highlight experiences of your entire life, so making sure you approach it with the right attitude--and the right information--is vital. We can help! Here's the straight dope on how to set the stage for a perfect tandem skydive.

1. Don't be a number.

Since we're talking about investment, it makes sense to chat just a little more about price. It costs a lot to run a tip-top dropzone in the skydiving world, from aircraft maintenance to top-of-the-line equipment to a marvelous location to world-class instructors and staff. A great dropzone won't sell itself on price because a great dropzone keeps the focus on making sure that each skydive it facilitates is safe, supportive and beautiful.

Lots of dropzones are out to make their money and not much more. These dropzones don't necessarily mean to be malicious, but they end up acting that way. They run brand-new skydivers through the process like a factory assembly line, pausing for nothing along the way: such as student questions; super-careful gear checks; sketchy weather. Tandem students at these places don't receive the support they need for such an important experience. They don't tend to leave with a giddy smile--just a dazed expression and a lighter wallet.

Buyer beware: If you're looking at a DZ that charges way less than everyone else, it's usually indicative that you're looking at a high-volume tandem mill. Do yourself a favor. Don't let yourself be a number.

2. Jump with people who really care about your experience.

This ain't no rollercoaster, and this ain't no country-club brunch. This is skydiving. You must expect to establish a relationship of mutual trust and respect with the tandem instructor you jump with. You need to feel seen, listened to and cared about by your instructor, or you're gonna have a rough time.

When you're making a tandem skydive, you want to be attached to an athlete who has demonstrated great skill for hundreds--even thousands--of jumps. You don't, however, want to jump with someone who just has skill. You want to jump with someone who unabashedly loves what they're doing--who's absolutely present in the moment with you to ensure that you have a great experience--and who legitimately cares about the details. At Skydive OC, we're proud to boast an elite roster of tandem instructors who check all the boxes. You're going to love them as much as we do!

3. When you look around, you want to be starry-eyed.

There are quite a few good dropzones in the United States that conduct perfectly serviceable jumps over cornfields and deserts. It's much rarer that you jump in a place with knock-your-socks-off beauty on every horizon. That--you guessed it--is the experience at Skydive OC. Our coastal views are second to none.

Hot tip: Ask to schedule your jump to coincide with the sunset--then try to peel the smile from your face afterward. We can pretty much guarantee that it won't budge for several hours.

Ready to see just how awesome a jump can be when you choose the right dropzone? We'll be happy to show you! Don't be a stranger: Book your Maryland skydive today!

Our jump from 10,000 ft. last summer was a "once in a lifetime" event. Well, it's moved beyond that as my son and I just jumped from 18,000 ft. last week. Incredible!

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