Why A Fear Of Heights Shouldn't Stop You From Skydiving

Why A Fear Of Heights Shouldn't Stop You From Skydiving

Published: January 12, 2021

Lots of things we fear have very sensible roots. Motion sickness evolved as a response to warn us from climbing into parts of trees that are too weak to support our weight. Fear of darkness is because there used to be things away from the fire that might just have carried you off. Rain is relaxing because it used to mean that the things that want to eat you would be sheltering from it also. Being scared of heights is completely natural because falling off something is bad. You might ask yourself, "Why am I doing this?"

But however sensible it feels to be anxious about it, let's have a look at why you should not be afraid of skydiving at Skydive OC.

1. Technology

Humans learned how to specialize, and now we can make amazing things. Skydiving equipment is really good at what it is for and extremely safe. You shouldn't worry. While skydiving parachutes appear to be made of fabric and string, they're way stronger than they need to be for supporting your weight, and the official rules of skydiving mean they must be regularly inspected to stay in use.

2. Technique

People have been skydiving for a really long time and are good at it. Your first jump as a tandem student, or the beginning of your Accelerated Freefall Course (AFF), is a process that has been refined over many decades to be a well-oiled machine. You are given precise information and training to understand how things work and get it right the first time.

A skydiver flies through the air.3. Process

Being scared only lasts until you get out of the plane. You will be amazed by how exciting it feels to have left all of your anxiety behind in the aircraft. You have done it now, and the only thing left is to enjoy the sensation. The ground, and your landing experience, is really far away - far enough that it is not worth worrying about. There is only the spectacular view and the sensation of freedom.

4. Security

Many people find their fear of heights wrapped up in their perception of an ability to fall - like off a cliff or over a railing. In freefall, you have already jumped on purpose and can therefore not fall off or over something by mistake. After deployment and your parachute is open, you are hanging from it by the shoulders - which feels really secure. Again, you do not feel like you can fall over.

5. Obey The Voice

Skydiving is all about that strange little voice inside your head that tells you to jump off things. The one that tells you that flying through the air would feel wonderful. These are called intrusive thoughts. Well, falling through the air does feel wonderful and skydiving allows you to listen to that little voice and do what it says.

Not being scared of skydiving takes some practice, and it takes many skydives to become relaxed about it. Many highly experienced tandem skydivers will freely admit that they are scared of heights - and that then even tried it initially as a way to face their fears. Once they had done it they realized, and you will too, that there is no need to be scared - because by using science and practice we have mastered the ability to jump from airplanes, and to freely enjoy what is one of the most amazing things we are able to do. Come join us at Skydive OC, and book your first jump today.

As you start to feel fall you just let your mind take over and enjoy the amazing views ( it totally helped that we had ocean views. Assateague Island and Ocean City-- just BREATHTAKING).

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