Is Skydiving Fun?

Is Skydiving Fun?

Published: January 31, 2022

Skydiving is a lot of things - an adventure, a challenge, a thrill like no other - but is skydiving fun? You better believe it! Skydiving is tons of fun. All about having fun, in fact! When weighing up the idea of doing a skydive, the freefall part is likely where your mind goes first but there's a lot to be said for flying under a parachute too - and despite the jangling nerves you might have about jumping, as soon as you do it there is only joy. Let's do a play by play -

Before You Go

Skydiving dropzones are fun places to be, even if you're a first timer. Skydive OC is a professional operation, and you will find us (and skydivers in general) to be a pretty relaxed bunch. (Especially when you've got views like ours!) People who complete the rigorous training required to become a tandem skydiving instructor do so because they love the sport and want to pass on the experience to as many new people as possible. Every skydiver remembers their first jump and how amazzzzing it felt, and instructors put a lot of effort into making the experience awesome for their students.

On The Way Up

The plane ride up is fun too. Skydiving aircraft are relatively small, and the experience is much more communal than being on a commercial flight. Skydivers routinely joke around during the climb to altitude, including instructors with new students (actually, especially instructors with new students). When you arrive at jump altitude and all the checks are complete, jumpers perform handshakes and high-fives - savoring shared rituals before leaping into the big blue yonder.

Skydive Freefall

On The Way Down

Freefall is fun like nothing else. Any and all anxiety you were carrying with you evaporates in an instant. There is only the infinite sky and the intense feeling of freedom to enjoy. The parachute ride is super fun too, and represents a counterpoint to the speed of freefall (120 mph). The noise of the rushing wind is silenced, and now you are flying serenely back to the landing area. If your idea of happiness is to sedately float above the spectacular view, then this is what you will have. If you prefer a more dynamic flight, you can have that too. Just tell your instructor ahead of time. Wild or mild, baby!

After You Land

Skydiving is a huge thrill that allows your body to access incredible chemicals that can have both an immediate effect on your mood and also lasting benefits to your mental health. Adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin are on reserve should your system need to protect and then reward you during intense experiences, and putting them to use feels great. After you have completed your jump, you will feel a profound sense of levity and will be able to carry it with you out into the world.

Skydiving Experience

Seeing Is Believing

Tandem skydiving is a departure from your everyday comfort zone in every way. For some, the full experience is too much to process at once. Typically, the most accessible part initially is the emotional aspect of the jump and "what actually happened" is a blur. You only skydive for the first time once!! Don't miss out on seeing yourself doing something extraordinary - get the video! Not only will you reclaim those mental health benefits referenced above again and again every time you watch it, but you'll also be able to share it with others. (Can you say social media goldmine? #skydiveoceancity)


People skydive for a host of reasons, most frequently for fun!! Come jump with us and make memories to last a lifetime!

Everything was coordinated so well which made it a huge success.

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