Is Skydiving Worth It?

Is Skydiving Worth It?

Published: December 29, 2021

If you Googled "skydiving prices" only to suffer from sticker shock and then Google around some more to see how "skydiving near me prices" compare ... you'll see that tandem skydiving prices are in the same ballpark, for the most part. Let's get into what goes into skydiving costs, how to choose the dropzone for you, and why skydiving is worth it.

Skydiving Prices

Skydiving is expensive because maintaining airplanes, keeping top-of-the-line gear, and hiring experienced sky and ground crew staff is expensive! If you come across bargain-basement skydiving prices or have to search long and hard for a price at all, buyer beware. Skydiving is an extreme sport, not an activity where you can afford to cut corners.

Be sure to do your research before booking. One indicator of quality is whether the dropzone is a USPA Member; another is to read through reviews. If you live or visit near a particular dropzone, consider dropping by to scope out the vibe. Of course, contacting the dropzone for a gut check and to get your questions answered is a good idea too.

Skydiving Prices

At Skydive OC, we are proud to not only offer a premium service - complete with top-notch facilities and qualified team members to rival anywhere else in the world - but we are also competitively priced.

Skydiving Benefits

Skydiving is most definitely worth it. It's possible you're wondering how a minute of freefall and a handful more under a parachute can justify the cost - but that's because you must not have skydived yet! As soon as you make a tandem jump, you'll understand that skydiving offers a major return on investment, including:


Skydiving is a unique experience you'll never forget.

The sensation of freefall is not one of tension and fear, but one of pure freedom and total out-of-this-world joy. Exhilaration. Release. Reclamation. Transformation. Skydiving is straight-up soul nourishing because you straight-up fly!

To keep the memories on the top of your personal pile of awesomeness - and to share your adventure - be sure to invest in a media package. When we say it's worth it, we mean it. This is not a sales tactic; it's some of the best advice we can offer. And those who made the mistake of opting out of one would advise the same. (If you want a shameless plug, here it is: don't forget to tag us on social @skydiveoc!)

Fun Skydiving Experience

Personal Growth

Skydiving is super empowering.

Facing up to something that scares you can have a profound effect on the way you approach other scary things. If you overcome one big, hairy audacious goal ... perhaps you can conquer others.

Skydiving is an amazing and symbolic choice for how you can crush life's anxiety-inducing obstacles. You just have to LEAP. As soon as you're outside of the aircraft and in the open sky, all the worry and tension disappears - and all that remains is euphoria and freedom. Get it.


Skydiving makes you happy.

Fight or flight mode may not sound like a good time ... but the powerful series of chemicals your body lets loose in the moment feels great immediately after the fact. This is evolution's way of protecting you from situations you perceive as dangerous. Outrunning a snarling beast feels great! Jumping out of the way of a falling piano feels great! Far fetched examples? Sure! But you get the point ...

When you skydive, your brain releases a marvelous mix of adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine that feels GREAT! When you land, having achieved something indescribably amazing, you can't help but walk on air. And this fantastic feeling lasts, leaving you with positive effects on your physical and mental health. Boom!

New Adventures

One skydive is awe-inspiring; lots of skydives is a personal gift that keeps on giving.

Skydiving doesn't have to be just a one-and-done bucket list item. If you love your first, don't make it your last! Jump on your birthday, come back with a friend, celebrate a milestone, learn to jump solo. Skydiving is a sophisticated sport that contains a lifetime discovery, progression, development - and even competition if you want. It's a choose-your-own-adventure kind of thing. The sky is your playground.

Skydiving Adventure


So, is skydiving worth the money? If you ask anyone around Skydive OC, the answer is ABSOLUTELY! Invest in adventure! You are worth it. Let's fly!

Best experience ever.

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