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  • Skydiving Facts: What You Don’t Know
    Feb 28

    Skydiving Facts: What You Don’t Know

    Going skydiving for the first time can raise a lot of questions ... what does skydiving feel like? ... is skydiving scary? ... can I go skydiving with a fear of heights? ... does your stomach drop when skydiving? These are all such normal questions to consider that they're addressed in our frequently asked questions page! After all, jumping out of an airplane is like nothing your mind or body has ever experienced before.

  • What is The Type of Person Who Skydives?
    Jan 31

    What is The Type of Person Who Skydives?

    Thrill-seeking, adventurous, daring, and crazy are all stereotypical words used to describe skydivers. Are skydivers really like this? Are we all fearless adrenaline junkies? Nope! We're here to tell you what skydivers are really like, why the sport is so special to us, and why you should most definitely join our sky fam!

I'm officially hooked and going to get my "a" license and make jumping a regular part of my life!

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