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2022 | General

  • Effective Breathing Tips While Skydiving
    Mar 31

    Effective Breathing Tips While Skydiving

    If you're thinking about taking the leap, you probably have a lot of questions. Maybe you've heard about what skydiving is like from experiences your friends and family have had. Most likely they loved it and can't wait to go again (maybe go together?!), or maybe they're in the one-and-done category and are happy they did it. Regardless, they definitely have a lot to say about their jump, perhaps including - "During freefall, I felt like I couldn't breathe!" Well, that would give anyone pause!

  • Is Skydiving Fun?
    Jan 31

    Is Skydiving Fun?

    Skydiving is a lot of things - an adventure, a challenge, a thrill like no other - but is skydiving fun? You better believe it! Skydiving is tons of fun. All about having fun, in fact! When weighing up the idea of doing a skydive, the freefall part is likely where your mind goes first but there's a lot to be said for flying under a parachute too - and despite the jangling nerves you might have about jumping, as soon as you do it there is only joy. Let's do a play by play -


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