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2022 | Tandem Skydiving

  • What Does Skydiving Feel Like?
    Apr 30

    What Does Skydiving Feel Like?

    One of the questions we frequently get asked is both simple and vague: what does skydiving feel like? You need to experience it yourself, as it's pretty hard to explain, but we will do our best to describe the feeling.

  • Skydiving Videos: Are They Worth the Money?
    Feb 28

    Skydiving Videos: Are They Worth the Money?

    The cost of tandem skydiving videos may seem steep, especially after you've already saved up and shelled out to book your skydive, but listen closely - now's not the time to scrimp! As cliche as it sounds, it's worth stating: you only skydive for the first time once. Don't miss the opportunity to catch yourself in the act of accomplishing something extraordinary!

The view was extremely beautiful and the feeling was surreal.

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