Meet Amy

Meet Amy

Published: September 28, 2017

Hello everyone! I just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to the newest member of our team, Amy Ebling. We are so excited to hear her personal stories and challenges not only to skydiving but to health and fitness as well! Amy and I first met as "tunnel Moms". What's a tunnel Mom you ask? It is sort of like being a soccer Mom except in our instance, our kids fly in a wind tunnel - a skydiving simulator located in Baltimore, MD. Amy and I have jumped together and have watched our sons follow our passion of skydiving. As our friendship blossomed during my weekly trips to Baltimore to watch our boys train, I started following her blog ( about health and fitness. I am so inspired by her as a person and what she stands for that I have invited to share her personal experiences along with any other randomness to inspire us all to making sure we make not only every Monday count but every day possible! In this series, you'll hear how Amy and others attack fitness from both a physical and emotional standpoint. Be on the look out for her first Make it Count Monday series next week!

-Jeanice Dolan, Drop Zone Owner

Amy was born and raised right outside of Duluth, Minnesota and recently relocated to Columbia, Maryland. She has a Bachelor's degree in Sustainable Management from the University of Wisconsin-Superior. She started sharing her passion for health and wellness through Social Media platforms, namely Instagram and through her blog: RunningYogiMom. Her unique life perspective and "grab life by the horns" mentality makes her the ultimate go-getter. She has 17 years of fitness background including endurance training, distance running, has competed in two fitness competitions and holds a Hydrorider Aqua Spin certification. She is also on the brink of completing her RYT200 Yoga Certification and will have an additional 100-Hour certification in Meditation and Yoga Philosophy early next year.

Amy has 650 skydives and is passionate about sharing how fear can be the ultimate motivator to living life and not just surviving it. She is unapologetically enthusiastic about life and hopes to inspire others to live hard and love even harder.

The views are beautiful and I was very impressed.

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