How to Prepare for Your (First) Tandem Skydive

How to Prepare for Your (First) Tandem Skydive

Published: October 30, 2020

We're sure there are many things you know how to prepare for, but we doubt one of those is tandem skydiving. We get it. How can we possibly expect you to be prepared when you're preparing for the unexpected!? Good thing we've been at this a while and know the top tips you need to come perfectly prepared for your tandem skydive. Have a seat and stay awhile. There's no need to rush. Here's what you need to know to crush your first tandem skydive!

Dress For Success

Wondering what to wear for a tandem skydive? We've got your back (pun intended). We don't consider ourselves to be fashionistas over here at Skydive OC, but we do know what makes for a great skydiving outfit. First off, you'll need to take the temperature into consideration. At altitude, it can be anywhere from 20-30 degrees cooler than on the ground. If the temperature has begun to dip and there's a crisp fall feel to the air, you'll want to come prepared by wearing layers. Secondly, you'll want clothes that are comfortable and allow you freedom of movement. For many, workout attire does just the trick.

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You Don't Have To Be A Genius To Eat Smart

You want to treat the day you skydive like any other with a few exceptions. Even if you normally skip breakfast, you need to have something in your stomach when you skydive. Opt for a light smoothie or breakfast bar. To keep a rumbling tummy and a grumpy attitude at bay, come prepared with light snacks. We suggest trail mix, veggies, and hummus, or crackers. If you're a fan of your morning cup of joe, by all means, enjoy that dose of "get-up-and-go," but try to avoid being overly caffeinated. Trust us, even if you're a bit drowsy when you get to the dropzone, after your skydive, you'll get a burst of adrenaline that surpasses any shot of espresso known to man.

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a skydiving video is worth a million! When you land, your friends and family will want to know all about it. Truth be told, your skydive will be a nearly indescribable experience, so why struggle to find the right words, when you could just show them! At Skydive OC, we have a variety of media packages to help you capture the moment. You can snag a photo and video package or even get an additional one minute clip edited specifically for uploading to your social media accounts. New followers are just one epic video away!

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Do Your Due Diligence

To ensure you have the best experience possible and pick the best place to tandem skydive, you've got to do a little bit of research. The good news is you're already doing it! Take a look at different skydiving center's websites. A facility that is a good choice for your first tandem skydive is one with plenty of information directed toward first-time jumpers. Furthermore, read up on reviews (like Skydive OC's reviews). As you do so, take notes on both the positive and negative comments. Things to keep a particular eye out for are comments regarding safety, professionalism, and amenities. While reading the feedback of others, you might even think of a few new questions you should be asking.

Speaking of which, if you do happen to think of any other questions or want more information on how to prepare for your tandem skydive that we haven't covered here, give us a call at (410-213-1319). We're happy to help.

If you're all set and want to take the next step towards booking your first skydiving experience, head on over to our scheduling tool, or feel free to do some more of that tandem skydiving research we recommended a minute ago.

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