Skydiving Videos: Are They Worth the Money?

Skydiving Videos: Are They Worth the Money?

Published: February 28, 2022

The cost of tandem skydiving videos may seem steep, especially after you've already saved up and shelled out to book your skydive, but listen closely - now's not the time to scrimp! As cliche as it sounds, it's worth stating: you only skydive for the first time once. Don't miss the opportunity to catch yourself in the act of accomplishing something extraordinary!

Here's the skinny on skydiving videos, and why they are absolutely worth it!

Why You Should Get Skydiving Video

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Skydiving is like nothing you've ever done, and like nothing else you'll ever do! It's impossible to accurately describe the experience to someone who's never done it, and there's so much stimuli to take in during your jump that the details are difficult even for you to recall. You might've been there and done that, but if you don't get the video ... did it even happen?

Prove to yourself that you can harness your inner awesomeness, defy gravity and FLY! Skydiving, and seeing yourself soaring through the wide-open sky, is extra-level empowering and mega confidence boosting. If you're ever in need of a pick me up, watch your skydiving video; there is no better pep talk!

Is skydiving video worth it? Yes!! Still not convinced? Consider this: not getting video is the number one regret from those who chose to go without. They so wish that they could rewind time and instead go all in. Skydiving video or stills packages are the ultimate souvenir ... and are solid social media gold (don't forget to tag us! #skydiveoc).

Media Packages at Skydive OC

At Skydive OC, we offer several media packages, ranging from $99 to $169, so that you can choose what combination of stills and video options best suits your needs:

  • Skydiving Stills Package - 30-60 Digital Images
  • Video & Still Package - Images, Plus Raw Video Footage
  • Social Media Package - Images, Raw Footage, Plus 1 Minute Clip
  • Ultimate Package - Images, Raw Footage, 1 Minute Clip, Plus Full Jump Edited Video

All images and footage are taken by hand-cam - literally a camera strapped to your tandem instructor's wrist. This up-close-and-personal view means every single moment of your skydive is captured. With sequential stills or video, you can relive your epic leap again and again (and again, and again ...).

Tips for an Awesome Skydiving Video

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As long as you bring your grin, you'll have everything you need for your skydiving video. Here are a few pro tips for making it awesome:

  • Chin Up: look forward rather than down so you can catch those tell-all facial expressions, and not the top of your head. Bonus, the view looking toward the horizon is breathtaking.
  • Smile Wide: everyone's face flaps in the wind - but not nearly as much if you engage those muscles and smile for the birdie! (This one is an easy win, because you'll be ear-to-ear anyway.)
  • Hair Back: pull long hair back or into braids so it's not in your face - or, most importantly, in your instructor's - and so it's not pointing to the heavens throughout your video.
  • Jewelry Off: you don't have to remove your jewelry, but know that the wind may take it. Be mindful of anything that may fly around or try to steal the spotlight.
  • Dress for Success: dress comfortably, ideally athletic gear, and consider brightly colored or black clothing. You want to stand out against the big blue sky all around you.

Need more info on getting ready for your skydiving experience? Check out our articles on How to Prepare for Your (First) Tandem Skydive and How to Have the Ultimate Skydiving Experience!

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