Top 13 Skydiving Bucket List Ideas

Top 13 Skydiving Bucket List Ideas

Published: June 26, 2017

Top Skydiving Bucket List Ideas

Plenty of people start skydiving because it's on their bucket list.

They come, do one jump and check it off before moving on to their next item. There are, however, so many awesome things you can do in the sport of skydiving itself.

Whether it's having a game of catch with a ball in the sky or jumping from a hot air balloon, we've created a skydiving bucket list. If you catch the skydiving bug, you may want to pursue some of these incredible experiences that only skydiving can provide.

Tandem Skydiving

The first list on any would-be skydivers' bucket list is, of course, the initial tandem jump. This gives you a taste of the sensation of skydiving and provides you with the experience of jumping out of a moving airplane for the very first time.

It's good to start here -- rather than to go straight into a course to get your own parachute -- because it enables you to just have one fun jump without having to put too much thought into responsibilities.

If you get down and immediately want to go back up, chances are you've caught the skydiving bug. The next move would be to pursue your license.

Tandem Skydiving

Getting your Skydiving License

There are four different licenses you can achieve in skydiving as you get more experienced. But the most exciting by far is the experience you have in pursuing your entry-level license, your skydiving A-License.

This is an extremely exciting time. You're learning how to use your body as a rudder, twisting into barrel rolls and front flips and tracking forward to gain speed in the air. You're learning how to dock with another jumper in the air and to fly in various directions to chase them in the sky.

It's during this experience that you also gain your first experiences piloting your very own parachute. This may seem terrifying at first -- and that's normal. But as you unlock the various levels of the AFF student program, you're awarded exciting new opportunities. When you finally pass through the program and get to 25 jumps, you've done it! You're a bonafide licensed skydiver. And now the real fun begins.

Group Jumps & Fun Skydiving Exits

Now that you have your license, a new world opens up to you. You can jump with your skydiving friends and do more advanced exits out of the plane.

You'll be surprised to learn that you can dive or flip out of the plane, or link to your friends and exit together. You can dive out of the plane and chase each other, linking up in a dock a few thousand feet later. It opens up a new world of fun.

Group Jumps & Fun Skydiving Exits

Hoop Jumps

As you get more advanced in the sky, you can begin to insert fun new activities. One bucket list jump for a lot of people is the hula hoop. This jump occurs when one or two people exit with a hula hoop and then hold it in such a way that people can fly through it -- limbo style. Try to see how many people can get through it until it's time to track away!

Mr. Potato Head Jump

Another really fun bucket list jump is dressing Mr. Potato head. This occur when everyone exits the plane with bits and pieces of the children's toy -- his face, eyes, ears, nose, mustache, shoes, etc. Everyone must take turns putting the dismembered Mr. Potato head back together while plummeting toward Earth at 120 miles per hour.

Silly Outfits for Skydiving

One of the cornerstones of skydiving is wearing silly outfits. Whether you're doing a naked jump, wearing tutus or animal onesies, skydivers often get creative with how they want to fly through the sky. Some of our favorites are watching people dress up in crazy colors and onesies -- especially when they do a themed group jump, dressed as, say, the entire cast of Wizard Of Oz or a bunch of superheroes.

Balloon Jumps

Skydiving out of a hot air balloon is one of the most incredible experiences and something every skydiver must put on their bucket list. A balloon jump is vastly different from a plane jump because it's quiet and has no horizontal speed. Skydivers jump into dead air on this jump, which presents an entirely different feeling that may cause even experienced jumpers to lose their stomachs. It feels strange, but it also feels oh so good.

Balloon Skydiving Jumps

Skydiving Out of a Helicopter

Helicopter jumps are another unique experience. In this jump, you're not moving nearly as fast horizontally as you might in an airplane. You can also often hang off the rails on the bottom like a monkey.

Skydiving Out of a Helicopter

HALO Jumps

High-altitude jumps are a completely different kind of experience that requires oxygen on the plane during the ride to altitude. Some of these Halo jumps can exceed 26,000 feet, which is double the normal altitude at most dropzones. This leads to a much longer freefall and far more incredible views that really show off the curvature of the Earth.

Night jumps

It's not for everyone, we admit. But night jumps are something many skydivers won't want to miss. Once you've earned your B-License, you'll be allowed to board the plane after the sun sets and climb up to altitude wearing an assortment of glow sticks. This experience will completely throw you off because you lack many of the normal daylight indicators you have to fly safely in the sky. Bright lights on the ground at the dropzone will guide you back home, though. And the serenity in the sky will be unparalleled.

night skydiving

Jumping from a Biplane

Do you know what's more incredible than exiting a plane by running out of the side or back door? Exiting from a plane while you're still sitting in it. If you take a ride on a biplane (think an older plane with two open-air seats), you'll be able to let go of it as flips upside down to begin your skydive. Mind. Blown.

Beach landings

Not all of the fun should be had in the sky. Once you're much more experienced -- think C-License or D-License -- you'll be cleared to land on a beach with your parachute. This tends to be saved for more advanced levels because of the winds that tend to blow near the water and because beaches tend to make for tiny landing areas. But how amazing would it feel to have sand between your toes as you touch down after a breathtaking skydive above blue water?


Another bucket list item to work up to as an advanced skydiver is the ability to perform exhibitions and demonstrations. Imagine departing from a plane or helicopter and soaring into a cheering crowd at a major league sports stadium. Perhaps you are towing a flag or colorful smoke from your feet. What a feeling it would be to squeeze into a tight landing area to the roars of a crowd to kick off a big game or event.

landing a skydive

Ready to start your skydiving bucket list? Get certified today at Maryland's Skydive OC!

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