What is The Type of Person Who Skydives?

What is The Type of Person Who Skydives?

Published: January 31, 2023

Thrill-seeking, adventurous, daring, and crazy are all stereotypical words used to describe skydivers. Are skydivers really like this? Are we all fearless adrenaline junkies? Nope! We're here to tell you what skydivers are really like, why the sport is so special to us, and why you should most definitely join our sky fam!

Why do people skydive?

People skydive for all sorts of different reasons. The vast majority go skydiving for the first time because they want to add a big ol' check to their bucket list. Heck - maybe you lost a bet! Whatever happened that made you say, "I feel like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane today," we're glad it did! During a first jump, you'll either have a transcendentally sublime experience and be hooked for life, or it'll be an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime thing - both are awesome results!

If you're debating whether skydiving is right for you, you really can't knock it until you try it, so we recommend that everyone who is able tries it at least once. While the reasons that people choose to pursue going skydiving are infinite, let's jump into the top 5.

why do people skydive

1. To Just Do it

Being able to say that you finally did the dang thing is pretty freakin' sweet. Skydiving can be an experience unlike any other that ranks near the top of "life's best moments" along with weddings and graduations. Getting some sick pics of you trucking through the bright, blue sky is priceless - and comes with memories that will last a lifetime! While your buddies in the retirement community talk about playing croquet and bocce ball, you can talk about the incomparable buzz of leaping from a plane. Nothing beats it - don't forget the pictures to prove it.

2. To Overcome a Fear

Conquering a fear, whether it be of airplanes, heights, or just doing new things with strangers (we promise we're very nice and welcoming), is scary! But it's time to throw your fear out the door of the plane. Being able to make the conscious decision to say a resounding "YES" to something that terrifies you can be life-changing, which brings us to our next point...

Overcome fear of height - skydiving

3. To Gain Confidence

You can absolutely grow your confidence. When you overcome a particular fear, even just one time, the confidence and empowerment you gain sticks with you. You (YOU!) just kicked your doubts and worries to the curb and showed them who's boss! If you skydive more than once and start the journey of becoming a licensed skydiver, you'll realize that this confidence will exponentially increase as you master new skills in the sky.

4. To Meet New People

The skydiving community is genuinely half of the reason to skydive, and you'll see why when you get here. When you join our community you gain a family of unique individuals from all walks of life who are joined so deeply by a single commonality: love for the sky.

5. As a Form of Therapy

Just chill outttt. Skydivers often joke that they jump because skydiving is cheaper than therapy. Jumping from an airplane, gaining knowledge on every single skydive, and being surrounded by wonderful souls are all soooo good from a mental health standpoint! For whatever psychological reason, physically being a couple of miles above our problems on the ground makes them seem small and simple. It truly puts life into perspective.

Can anyone skydive?

Being at least 18 years old and in relatively good physical and mental health is a prerequisite to skydive. If you're wanting to take the leap but are concerned about your health, get the okay from your doctor first - this will bring you (and us) peace of mind. If for some reason skydiving just isn't in the cards for you right now, that's okay! We welcome anyone and everyone to come out to the dropzone, meet our friendly faces, and watch some people fall from the sky - we would love to have you!

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So, what really is the type of person who skydives?

People who are 18 to 80 years old skydive - and older. (Matter of fact, the oldest tandem skydiver currently on record was 103 years and 259 days old when she last jumped!) There are skydivers who are teachers, accountants, writers, students, police officers, veterans, and many, many more professions. Skydivers are adventurous souls with a longing for something greater than themselves.

Not only do we love the physical feeling of soaring through the skies, but we yearn for the emotional freedom that comes with it! Skydivers have a passion for non-stop learning and a true desire to excel at what they do, all while instilling their newfound wisdom in others. As surprising as this may sound, skydivers actually have a lot of fear ... fear of not living life to the fullest!

If you think you fit the bill, book today! Don't hesitate to send us a message or give us a call with any further questions or concerns.

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