Why a media package is the perfect skydiving addition

Why a media package is the perfect skydiving addition

Published: August 28, 2020

Some things are meant to be together: peanut butter and jelly, soap and water, macaroni and cheese, and last, but not least, skydiving and media packages!

Is a skydiving video worth it? You bet your bottom dollar it is. Here's why a media package is the perfect skydiving addition.

Skydiving Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words

Where memories are concerned, skydiving pictures are truly worth a thousand words. The entire skydiving experience will last mere minutes. If you don't capture the experience with skydiving photos or skydiving videos, the moments may pass you by. Though the time spent skydiving is short, the memories contained within your skydiving photos will last a lifetime! The preservation of great memories is no small task, but with a skydiving photo and video package, you'll have what you need to make your tandem skydiving memories last!

Capture That View!

Skydiving in Ocean City skydiving comes with some pretty impressive views. Sure, you can take in the beauty of Maryland's coast from the shore, but can you imagine how it looks from nearly two miles above? As the only beachfront skydiving center serving Baltimore, DC, and the surrounding areas, you're truly getting an exclusive one-of-a-kind experience. An experience this beautiful just begs to be photographed.

As a tandem skydiving student, you will get to experience these views first-hand, but next to nothing you can say will ever be able to describe the gorgeous view to your friends and family.

Just picture it: an epic skydiving photo with an ocean view background. Now put yourself in the frame. Seems like a real pity to miss out on that!

Tandem Skydiving Photos

What Skydiving Media Packages We Offer

At Skydive OC, we offer several different skydiving media packages. With each of these packages, your tandem instructor sports a camera to capture every last moment of your skydive. Your instructor can capture it all: from the excited ride to altitude, to the breathtaking moment it's time to take the leap out of the plane, through the freedom of freefall, and finally, during the serenity of the parachute ride as you float suspended amongst the clouds. Without a skydiving video and photo package, none of that exists past your personal experience. Something like that deserves to be watched and re-lived! Oh, and when you tell your friends and they don't believe you, you'll have more than enough evidence to show you weren't kidding around.

The most basic of the media packages we offer is called the "Stills Package". This package includes a collection of 30-60 digital skydiving photos taken during your skydive. The next tier of skydiving media package is a collection of both skydiving video and skydiving photos. This package includes a downloadable link with access to 30-60 digital images AND raw video footage. For those that love getting "likes," the "Social Media Package" is the way to go. As one of the most popular packages we offer, it comes with 30-60 digital images, raw video footage, and an additional 1 minute video clip perfect for uploading onto the social media platform of your choice. Finally, if you feel like going all out, the "Ultimate Package" contains all of the above plus an edited video of your full jump!

For more information and pricing on media packages, visit here, or contact us - 410-213-1319.

You Only Have One First Skydive

Your first tandem is an experience you will never want to forget. After all, you only have one first jump. The new sights, sounds, and sheer energy of the day may leave you feeling like the whole thing was a whirlwind: blink, and it's over! They say you never forget your first. Let's just make sure you add a video and photo package, so you can experience the fun again and again, for years to come!

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If you had to skydive anywhere, definitely do it by the water.

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