Meet the Owner: Jeanice Dolan

Meet the Owner: Jeanice Dolan

Jeanice Dolan is the owner of Skydive OC. She made her first skydive in 1997 in Freeport, Bahamas and later became the first licensed female skydiver in the Bahamas.

That first skydive changed the course of Jeanice's life, motivating her to leave a promising career as a CPA and follow her passion.

With that, she changed her life plan (and her parents plan for her too!) and built a family and a business at Skydive OC.

Having studied a business major, Jeanice once had aspirations of being a hotshot corporate executive. Opening Skydive OC gave her the chance to put her business skills to good use, growing the company with a complete focus on helping people experience and love skydiving as much as she does.

Speaking of Skydive OC, Jeanice says:

"I chose my major because I had aspirations of being a hotshot corporate executive. But in hindsight, choosing an accounting major was probably the best choice I could have made to run a small business. I don't sit in traffic every day or behind a desk. But I do work my tail off 365 days a year making sure first-timers get the best possible experience. I work hard to ensure my drop zone is unsurpassed when it comes to customer service, professionalism and safety. I often ask "So what are we celebrating today?" The best answer I received was "Life. We're celebrating life by making a skydive today." That response is exactly why I chose skydiving as my profession."

Today, as a busy mother of two, Jeanice now appreciates her time spent in the air more than ever:

"For me there is no other activity in which I get to spend an entire 60 seconds without thinking about anything except for what I am doing at that very moment...which is skydiving and having a blast at it! For a mom of 2 kids that 60 seconds is priceless!"


  • Number of Jumps: 1000+
  • Skydive Ratings: D License, Coach Rating, Senior Rigger, Safety & Training Advisor
  • Date of First Skydive: May 31, 1997

Learn more about Jeanice's story here.

I'm definitely doing this again.

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