Our Skydiving Instructors & Staff

Our Skydiving Instructors & Staff

Experienced and Professional

Our skydiving instructors have earned a reputation as some of the most passionate around! Every one of our team of skydiving instructors has completed the necessary examinations to qualify as a USPA (United States Parachute Association) certified tandem instructor.

If you're thinking about making your first skydive, you'll want to be sure the team you'll be jumping with is ready and able to provide the great experience you deserve. Price and convenient proximity might not be the most important factors to consider.

Instead, try to find out as much as you can about the skydiving instructors at the center. Here at Skydive OC, we're really proud of our team and of the fantastic reviews we receive from our customers.

Skydive OC Instructor Team

Our instructor line up of three, select full-time instructors has a combined 35,000+ skydives and proudly boast a PERFECT STUDENT SAFETY RECORD.

We don't use part-time instructors at Skydive OC because we believe you can only really be a master in your trade when you dedicate yourself full-time.

Our three instructors do this as a full-time living and have been for the last fifteen or more years. We all love our job and love taking people to experience skydiving with us.

I will definitely do it again.

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