Group Outings

Group Outings

Are you organizing a social outing for a group or a team-building experience for your staff? Look no further! We have years of experience and can help coordinate all of the details to make the event one they won't easily forget.

Reach out and get in touch if we can help you organize your skydive group.

Tandem Pricing

Option Non-Refundable Rate Refundable Rate

8K Tandem Skydive

Freefall from 8,000 ft for approximately 20 seconds

$229 $279

15K Tandem Skydive

Freefall from 15,000 ft for approximately 60 seconds

$299 $329

You must be 18 years or older to skydive at Skydive OC.

Everything went perfectly for my first jump and I was so happy to do it at Skydive OC.

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