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We've been Skydiving in Maryland since 2002! Serving Baltimore, Ocean City & Surrounding Areas

Located in Ocean City, Maryland, Skydive OC is the premier destination for tandem skydiving in Maryland, Baltimore and the surrounding Washington D.C. area. Our expert team of highly experienced instructors is on hand to ensure you enjoy every minute of your day. These fantastic reviews are a testament to the level of care you can expect here at Skydive OC.

When you jump at Skydive OC, you'll be experiencing skydiving in Maryland at its best! With breathtaking coastlines and spectacular ocean views, Maryland's Eastern Shore offers some of the most picturesque skydiving in the country. It's no wonder so many people choose to go skydiving at Skydive OC every year!

So, what are you waiting for? Let's do this! There's no better place to experience the thrill of skydiving than at Skydive OC!

Great time, entire staff was extremely friendly, accommodating and made the experience a memorable one.

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    After Effects of Skydiving on the Brain

    In 2021, there were an estimated 3.57 million skydives made. Wondering why so many people would willingly leap from an aircraft several thousand feet above the ground?

    For some, it is merely part of the endless expedition to secure that next adrenaline rush. Though, many of these ceaselessly searching individuals find much more than they bargained for. You see, the majority of repeat jumpers return time and time again because they have discovered the after effects of skydiving come with some pretty stellar benefits.

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    What is Night Skydiving?

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    Jul 31

    Can You Skydive Through Clouds?

    The desire to touch a cloud probably starts when most of us are young children. Looking up at the sky, clouds just look so fluffy and soft - there is something so enticing about them! Then you grow up and learn that clouds are merely condensed water vapor and you realize the sad truth that being inside a cloud would simply feel like going outside on a foggy day.

  • What to Wear Skydiving in the Summer
    Jun 29

    What to Wear Skydiving in the Summer

    There are so many questions to consider in the days leading up to jumping out of a plane, and one of them is inevitably what to wear skydiving. It might seem like a trivial question when taking into account that there are many important things to think about before jumping out of a plane, but what to wear skydiving can actually affect your experience. What to wear skydiving in summer is very different from what you would wear in winter, so let's get you prepared for your time with us in Ocean City this summer!